Play Bomberman Online

Bomberman is a classic video game that kids play in the past years. You do not need to go to a video arcade to play this fun game as you can play Bomberman online at no cost. There are now several games that were designed to be played like Bomberman. They have different characters and themes, and some even have customizable characters. But if you want to play the classic version that you loved playing when you were child, or you would like to play the game that your parents played when they were younger, start your search on the web. You will find several websites offering this game for free. All you need is a computer with Internet connection and the needed plug-in, which is usually a specific version of flash. If you do not have the right plug-in, you will be asked to have it downloaded on your computer before you can start playing the game.

How to Play Bomberman Online

Once you found a site offering this game for free, start playing the game and try to complete each level. The background and enemies will be different from one level to another. This makes that game more fun and enjoyable. The goal is to kill as many enemies as you can within the set time limit. Plant bombs to kill them, as well as to explode bricks. Explode as many bricks as you can not only to move around easily but also to have the chance of getting more power-ups. These power-ups can help you win the game. Avoid touching your opponents, as well as being hit by the bomb because you will be killed.

Game Controls

The controls for the game are easy. Use the arrow keys to move the hero up, down, left or right. To plant a bomb, hit the X key on the keyboard. This will detonate on its own after a few seconds. For time bombs, the Z key is used for detonation.

Different Kinds of Enemies

Balloons – they are the first enemies that you will face on the first stage. These balloons move slowly so it will be easier for you to kill them as long as you move fast.

Beakers – they move faster than the balloons and they may come after you so beware. However, they will give you more points if you kill them. Each of these opponents is worth 200 points.

Lanterns – they move faster than beakers but they will give you huge 400 points.

Face – they are faster than lanterns but you will get 800 points for killing them.

Jelly – go after them as they move very slowly so they are easier targets. However, they can move through bricks so you still need to be careful not to touch them as you may get killed. However, they are worth 1000 points each.

Ghost – they are faster than jelly and they can also move through bricks. Killing them will give you 2000 points.

Bear – they move fast and will come after you. Killing them will award you 4000 points.

Coin – they are the fastest enemies that you will face and they can also pass through bricks and walls. But killing them will reward you with a whooping 8000 points.