Play Bomb It 2

Bomb It is back again in this second instalment of the game. You can play Bomb It 2 online free of charge and relive all the bomb-blowing action like you did in the first one. This time, more power-ups have been added and the interface is much more user-friendly. A lot of additions have been made for Bomb It 2 but the core game play still remains the same.

You are in a battle for your life against other characters who have the same skills as you do. Using your wit and environment is the only way for you to survive the multiple bombing scenarios!

One of the key changes that have been made when you play Bomb It 2 is that you have more liberty when it comes to choosing the type of scenario you want to play in. You get to choose how many players there are in the game as well as the number of opponents you want to have. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy multiple maps that each has their own unique traits that change the way you play the game as you progress. Have fun and enjoy bombing everything in sight!