Play Bomb It 1

If you are a person who grew up playing Nintendo, you might have come across the once-popular game Bomberman. Everybody that has played this game remembers how awesome it was! You plant a bomb and you move away before it detonates, destroying anything that it comes into contact with. You can now relive that experience with a game that is similar to it when you play Bomb It 1 online.

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Skywire 3

A free game that you can play, Bomb It pits your character against three other AI characters that you will have to destroy. The game is essentially a “last man standing” match where you will need to avoid their bombs while strategizing on how you can efficiently take them out.

What makes this game so awesome to play is because there is a sense of urgency to it. Your enemies are trying to destroy you as well as one another in a hellish map filled with twists, turns as well as power-ups. Use your environment as a shield against enemy attacks and the detonation of your own bombs! This free strategy game provides a whole lot of action that you can play with any time of the day. Plus, it is fun setting off bombs in games, right?