Bomb It 5

Here you can play the newest version of Play Bomb: bomb it 5!

Use the arrow keys in order to move and throw bombs.

Have Fun :)


Rail Rush 2

Monkey Go Happy 4

Skywire 3

Basic Game Play

The basic goal for all installments of the game is to kill the enemies. You can do this by using bombs. There are power ups and weapons that you can use to make it easier for you to do your task. But you also need to get away from the bombs when you plant them as you may get killed when they explode. All of the games have single player or two player option. There are different colorful backgrounds and themes, making the game even more fun to play. There is sound and music, which can be enabled or disabled. The size of the game screen can also be adjusted to your preference. Whether you prefer playing with a larger screen or smaller one, it can easily be adjusted using the slider on top of the main menu.


Characters of the Game


On the first installment of the game, there are 4 cute characters to choose from. They are robots of different color including yellow, green, pink and blue. On the second installment, there are still three robots to choose from but the fourth one is a little girl wearing pink outfit. The third installment has better characters because they are all human. There are three boys and a girl to choose from. The characters from the 4th sequel are not robots but they are also not human. They look more like aliens. However, the best thing about this sequel is that you can customize your own character. Those who love dress up games can also enjoy this game because of the fun outfits. The second, third and fourth installment also allow players to choose the number of players, difficulty, levels and theme of the game.


Game Controls


Use your keyboard to play the game. You need to practice hitting the right keys without looking at the monitor for better chances of winning. Use the arrow keys to move your character to the left, right, up or down. To drop bomb, hit the space key. If you are playing on the two player mode, the first player will use the A, W, S and D keys to move the character and the space bar to drop the bomb. The second player will use the arrow key to move the character and the enter key to drop the bomb.