Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2 is the second installment of the game series, which is two times more enjoyable than the first one. Like the first version, your goal is to kill the enemies using bombs and various weapons that you can collect on the game. But this time there are different worlds to choose from and more exciting levels to complete. This is available for one player and two player mode. Several game websites are offering this game for free. Enjoy more colorful graphics and cooler background with Bomb It 2.

Click Here to play Bomb It 2

Game Controls


Use the arrow keys to move your character and use the space bar to plant bombs, if on a single player mode. If playing with a friend, the first player will use A, W, S and D keys on the keyboard to move around and the spacebar for planting bombs. For the second player, use the arrow keys to move around and the enter key for planting bombs. Use these bombs to explode the things that prevent you from passing through. They are also used for killing enemies. However, make sure to move away from them as you can also get killed if you were hit with the explosion.


Power Ups, Weapons and Vehicles


Collect power ups, weapons and vehicles to help get more points and destroy your enemies. Here are the list of power ups, weapons and vehicles that you can get.


Power Ups


Bomb + 1 = once you have this power up, hit the space bar two times and two bombs will be planted instead of just one.


Power Blast + 1 = make the explosion even more intense with this power up.


Speed Booster = allows your character to move faster.


Extra Life = gives additional life.


Shield = protects you from bombs and attack of enemies.


Push the Bomb = lets you move the bomb from your way.


Invincibility = allows you to kill enemies by passing through them.




Double Shot Gun = use this to kill your enemies.


Rocket Launcher = aim on the enemies in a long range.


Flame Thrower = put your enemies on fire but make sure that they are not too close or you will burn too.


Laser Gun = lets you kill enemies even on a distance.


Hammer = lets you kill enemies by hitting on them when they are next to you.


Landmine = plant this and it will explode if any of the characters step on it.


Remote Bomb = plant this and hit the space bar if you want it to explode.




Bulldozer = use this to move around the game.


Race Car = use this to move around faster.


Frog = use this to leap around.


Game Settings


Click “Start Game” to select your game options including type of game, number of players, levels, theme and difficulty. Kill all the enemies in the Arcade mode. Kill 10 enemies using the weapons that you collect in the Weapons Only mode. Kill the enemies while collecting the most number of coins in the Collect the Coins mode. Kill the enemies and aim to be the first to color 50 tiles in the Color the Tiles mode.